Do you value bitcoin's Original Vision?

Then you may be a great candidate to help promote the vision of #1CPU1Vote around the globe.

The Bitcoin Gold Community is always looking for crypto, HODLers, and decentralization enthusiasts willing to help the cause and represent the project in their local communities – both in person and online.

We have found tens of thousands of individuals support the Bitcoin Gold project, whose goal is to create a more decentralized system mined on GPUs all over the world, but adhering to the original Bitcoin vision, form a complementary coin. We are now looking for volunteers to build localized communities in regions and cities throughout the world, helping those places to understand the benefits that GPU-mined value could offer to them.

The global crypto adoption rate is still low. With the BTGpay initiative and the Ambassador program, the BTG Community is working to boost its local presence and help the spread of crypto.

Our community has grown in recent months and to build an Ambassador network that will give everyone the ability to help engage the different parts of Your great communities throughout the world to help lay the foundations for the international adoption of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Gold in your city.

Promote BTG Pay

#BTGPay is about connecting merchants, services, and integrators with each other to build solutions… And then helping consumers find them!

Promote mining

BTG was created to decentralize mining with a coin that can only be mined on common GPUs. It uses an ASIC-resistant algorithm, so owners of specialty Bitcoin miners can’t mine BTG, and producers of that equipment can’t hold sway over BTG. Anyone can mine again!

Promote Bitcoin Gold
adoption locally

Bitcoin Gold is changing the way people think about money. Educate the world about this ground-breaking payment system #UseBTG and to understand the benefits as a Global peer to peer electronic and true decentralized currency.

Host Bitcoin Gold
Meetups Locally

We believe the more knowledgeable our community is about our brand and the cryptocurrency space the better crypto community will be. Meetups are increasing awareness and local adoption – bringing the community together to share information and build.

We may be one new project for man, but we have one global mission for mankind.

You can now apply to become an official Bitcoin Ambassador for your country or city, spreading the word and advocating for real useful and political-proof Bitcoin.

For those looking to transform the financial system right from their hometown. Join the change!