Bitcoin Gold
One Year Anniversary

A Year of Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) was born of belief in the decentralized financial system and technology behind Bitcoin, but also born of concern that the specialty ASICs used to mine Bitcoin were undermining decentralization. To overcome this, BTG replaces the “Proof of Work” mining algo and keeps all other essential elements of Bitcoin. BTG can be mined with common GPUs (graphics cards) and cannot be mined with ASICs.

BTG builds upon Bitcoin and extends the space with a crypto that anyone can mine again – just like the early years of Bitcoin. Our “friendly fork” enhances decentralization while distributing mining rewards to new people all around the world instead of just a few big players – building a broad new user base. People all over have been joining and participating, which is why, a full year after the first block was mined, the BTG project is thriving and growing.

We’re immensely grateful for the enthusiasm and dedication shown by our diverse community – investors, miners, services – all our users, really! Our first year has not been without its trials, but as a Community, we have always emerged stronger than before, we will do so again, and we have a bright future ahead of us.

  • Launch!

    The first natively BTG block is mined. Miners and pools around the world stand up a new peer-to-peer network and blockchain from scratch, building on a blockchain history that goes back to 2009.

    The basic economics of Bitcoin, but mined with GPUs, breaking free of the monopolizing power of ASICs.

  • Listings

    Just 1 month after launch, BTG is on 25+ exchanges, including 4 of the top 5! BTG has a liquid global market and is ready for business.

  • Insight Explorer

    Full-featured explorer with open 3rd-party API

  • BTGPay

    A program to connect merchants, services, and users – three groups dependent on each other to form a thriving BTG economy.

  • ElectrumG

    Our implementation of the most popular SPV wallet, Electrum – very light in weight and easy to use, but very high in features.

  • bgoldjs-lib

    JavaScript Bitcoin Gold library for node.js and browsers

  • Bitcoin Gold BTG ASIC Threat Response

    ASIC Threat

    NEWS: Bitmain prepares to release an Equihash ASIC. BTG team immediately commits to changing PoW, protecting GPU miners and preserving decentralization.

  • 51% Attacks

    NEWS: The BTG team rallies to monitor activity and help Exchanges defend themselves when someone channels massive NiceHash power to make 51% attacks on the BTG chain in order to make double-spend attacks on Exchanges. Last attack ends 5/19/2018.

  • bitcoinj

    Java implementation of the protocol

  • Equihash-BTG

    Equihash(144,5) with BTG-specific personalization string. This version of Equihash requires more memory than can be put on an ASIC chip and will kick them off our network.

  • LND

    Working technical preview of Lightning Network on BTG testnet

  • BTG Upgrade

    A hardfork upgrade to a new PoW algo, Equihash-BTG, successfully thwarts ASICs and makes repeats of the May attacks impossible! The upgrade also includes an improved DAA, which further improves blockchain stability.

    Pools, GPU miners, Exchanges, and Users upgrade their software and the blockchain continues flawlessly through the upgrade.

  • Recksplorer

    Lightning Network Explorer

We've developed so much, yet we're still doing more!