Strategic Partnerships are Based on Shared Values

Bitcoin Gold is a non-profit organization striving to drive adoption of crypto currency in the real world. Join Us!

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BTG launched with the mining of a 100,000 coin Endowment to support the Bitcoin Gold Organization, ensuring the growth and longevity of the project. These coins were mined into multi-sig wallets for security, and the majority were also time-locked with release over the next three years. Although this is a tiny fraction of the coin supply (about one half of one percent), this ensures funding for the project’s development and support for at least three years (and, if the value grows, perhaps indefinitely.)

We’ve made important changes in our version of Bitcoin to accomplish our project’s objectives: decentralizing the mining infrastructure and returning the ability to mine to people everywhere.

PoW algorithm change to Equihash

BTG is ASIC-resistant and can be mined with conventional graphics cards. Anyone can mine again, restoring the democratic nature of mining. This also protects the mining network by reducing the centralized and controlling power of large mining farms.

Unique Address Format

BTG changed the address format to protect users from confusion between Bitcoin address (which begin with a 1 or a 3) and Bitcoin Gold addresses (which start with a G for Gold or an a for aurum.) Preventing user confusion takes the headaches away for Exchanges that need to deal with coins other than BTC sent to a BTC address.

Replay Protection

BTG has had full two-way replay protection since the day of launch to protect the BTC and BTG blockchains from replay attacks; this is particularly important to large-scale transactors like Institutional Investors and Exchanges.

Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment

BTG’s blockchain runs in the GPU-based mining space, an active market where hashpower can shift rapidly, so our Difficulty must adjust rapidly to compensate to maintain a timely flow of new blocks. Our per-block Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm has proven remarkably adept at keeping this flow timely since our launch.

There are also important things to note that unchanged in Bitcoin Gold: We’ve maintained full SegWit support, including the capabilities of Lightning Network, which should be enabled by several wallets for BTG by the end of Q2, 2018. We are a Friendly Fork to Bitcoin and support the growth of the technology.

Our philosophy of making the minimal changes necessary to accomplish our goals but retaining all the latest developments which continue to be built into Bitcoin has established Bitcoin Gold as a valuable coin which has endured and is rising. This growth is not from the initial “launch hype,” and not from massive marketing spending. It’s coming from the genuine realization that we are building real value, and restoring the network effects that Bitcoin lost when it was no longer mineable by most computer owners in the world.


In the nine weeks since our launch, we have seen:

  • More than 2 million transactions
  • Average fee per transaction less than 0.04 USD
  • 9min 57sec average block time (target 10 minute)
  • Over 20,000 constantly connected miners
  • Support from over 30 exchanges, including many top exchanges
  • Support on the top 5 wallets, including the top hardware wallets (Trezor and Ledger)
  • Support from major institutional services like BitGo, Integral and Uphold

And in our first 90 days, we’ve reached global transaction volume of $7 trillion (as of Feb, 2018). The groundwork has been laid for broad adoption of a valuable cryptocurrency, but we know that it’s still early days, and there’s much future work to be done.

Our deep similarity to Bitcoin tends to make technical implementation easier, once certain hurdles are crossed (such as sweeping to new wallets on the new blockchain). We also perform community outreach: we support meetups, attend international conferences, help real-world merchants (both ecommerce physical) to accept Bitcoin Gold among other crypto currenices, we educate new crypto currenices users, and – price willing – we hope to actively support the expansion of crypto to un-banked and under-served markets throughout the world.

If you support these goals and ambitions, perhaps your exchange should support Bitcoin Gold.

What is coming for Bitcoin Gold?


All of our code has always been publicly available at Github, and a handy guide to the critical technical changes from BTC to BTG for developers can be found here. We are always looking for new partners to support decentralization of every aspect of the crypto ecosystem, which includes the creation and growth of exchanges based in different parts of the world, serving more and more global user bases. We would be happy to offer technical support in implementing Bitcoin Gold with your systems, as well as have a point of contact in case of emergencies.


Core client

Download  (don’t forget to verify checksum & PGP)

Recommended environment:

  • CPU with 2 cores
  • 4GB RAM
  • 200G disk space
  • 10 Mbps network

*Bitcoin Gold Core client is mostly compatible with Bitcoin Core. Thus all the documentations also apply to Bitcoin Gold Core client.

Blockchain query & API

3rd party services

Payment service

Instant exchange

Enterprise wallet