The future of crypto, the future of our global economies, and the future of our world will be shaped by the minds of the next generation.

That’s why we’re so excited to help introduce more young people to the possibilities that the crypto world opens up for all of us!



What is CaseIT?

CaseIT has been bringing together top business students from universities around the world for fourteen years to participate in an Business Case Competition focused on MIS and Information Technology. Now in their 15th year, they are hosting 16 Universities from 9 countries around the world. Participating students prepare and present cases in a variety of formats, ideating and creating new solutions for real-world business problems. They are mentored and judged by a variety of senior industry professionals. CaseIT brings real-world business experience to students, and brings fresh new ideas out to industry thought leaders!

For the first time, the mentors and judges will include representation from the cryptocurrency world, as two members of the BTG team* will be attending the competition and serving on the judging panels! We aim to help expand their thinking (both the students and the industry professionals) about the impact of crypto and blockchain on businesses and society, and the integration of crypto into new business models and use cases.

We’re thrilled to help these young people explore the new options ahead of them, to put a little Bitcoin Gold in the Prize Pool for them, and maybe put a little Golden gleam in their eyes.

We look forward to meeting in beautiful Vancouver and seeing how things pan out!**

Excited for the future,
The Bitcoin Gold Organization

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Hosted at the Beedie School of Business at in Vancouver, Canada, the CaseIT competition brings together top business students and distinguished faculty members from around the globe, experienced industry professionals, and dedicated Simon Fraser University students to collectively challenge conventional thinking, redefine the boundaries of business and technology, and build global connections.

The competition week provides a rigorous platform to test students’ critical business case analysis capabilities, challenge students to think creatively while balancing constraints, and to empower students to present with confidence in front of esteemed industry professionals on an international stage.

* Martin Kuvandzhiev (Developer, Co-Founder, Board Member) and Edward Iskra (Communications Director, Board Member) will be attending CaseIT 2018.

** Yeah, a “panning for gold” joke – gold is in Vancouver’s blood, and we’re bringing the Bitcoin Gold. Who knows, maybe we’ll start another Fraser Gold Rush!