Bitcoin Gold Core Wallet v0.15.2

A vulnerability has been recently discovered (CVE-2018-17144) which can cause a Bitcoin node to crash; this also affects Bitcoin Gold nodes.

It has been patched in Bitcoin Core version 0.16.3. The patch has already been merged into Bitcoin Gold 0.15.2.

Providers (pools, solo miners, exchanges, and any services exposing a public full node) are advised to immediately update their v0.15.1 Bitcoin Gold Core Wallets using the new v0.15.2 source on our Master branch:

Pre-compiled versions available for download below.


64 bit32 bit

Windows (zip)

64 bit32 bit

ARM Linux

64 bit32 bit

Mac OS



64 bit 32 bit

Important note: The checksums of the binaries are signed by h4x3rotab (PGP: 0x38EE12EB597B4FC0).
Please verify the checksum and the PGP signature before using.