BTG Core Wallet v0.17.1

This is Release v0.17.1

There are major new features, significant changes, and numerous bug fixes. Those running the BTG Core Wallet as a personal wallet or as a stand-alone node can simply shut down their current node and install v0.17.1 in place after backing up their wallet files.

Those using their node for more complex services, including for mining pools, need to be aware of changes to APIs and how the configuration files are parsed. See the v0.17.1 Announcement blog post for a summary and the release notes for details.

Precompiled downloads and source code, below.


64 bit32 bit

Windows (zip)

64 bit32 bit

ARM Linux

64 bit32 bit

Mac OS



64 bit 32 bit

BTG Core Release Signing Keys


Important note: the checksums of the binaries are signed by h4x3rotab (PGP: 0x38EE12EB597B4FC0)

Verify the checksum and PGP signature before using.