Hello everybody!

Here is our second daily dev update.

  1. Build procedure
    H4x has reviewed and merged a pull request from JockerCatz that is giving useful information for building on Linux.
  2. CI platform
    Minor updates on the Travis CI made by H4x.
  3. Unique address format
    H4x added address conversion functionality and more test cases for the BTG unique address format. (BTG address prefixes are “G” and “A”)
  4. Testnet
    Testnet has been successfully synced on Martin’s MacBook. But on slower machines, as soon as the fork block is synced, the process of block validation stops. This will not be a problem when BTG nodes are available.
  5. Mining
    Martin has started the modification of the node-stratum in order to provide a solution for the pool providers and the miners. The main problem is the change of the protocol that is introduced in BTG. The first 4 bytes of the reserved header field from zcash blockformat are actually the block height. Currently the protocol is being tested.


We want you to know that we expect the public testnet to be started on November 1st!

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