Dear followers of Bitcoin Gold project.

We are excited about the way the testnet is working.

On the second day we have applied changes about the starting difficulty, some more minor settings and restarted the network. Currently we have 57 operating nodes and more than 200 mined blocks. The network is stable and all of the transactions are executed.

Changes required:

  • Currently we are not experiencing any issues of the network. We see that the difficulty is dynamically adjusted and the block time is between 3 minutes and 24 minutes.

Next steps:

  • We are in touch with major exchanges and wallet providers that have asked for the replay protection and the unique address format in order to support us, follow their statements and start working on integration with Bitcoin Gold. So all the users can receive their funds without any problems.
  • We will start planning the release of the main network very soon and will come up with release date as soon as we are ready to announce it.
  • Go to previous BTG Daily Update to check our complete timeline.

Why a Testnet?

Testnet is for testing new features before the mainnet launch. Bitcoin Gold testnet can be useful for pool operators, pro users and exchanges/wallets developers who are willing to test security, on-chain transactions and setup the integration of BTG.

We want to inform all the BTG community that this is a testnet mining. The testcoins have no real value.


We take advantage of the opportunity to thank to users, pools operators, wallets and exchanges that are helping with the development and the testnet progress.  

All the received help is highly appreciated! Thanks for all of the support!

Bitcoin Gold community.