Hello everyone! 

We take the opportunity of this update to inform you of the latest news of BTG network tests and to invite all of the miners that are planning to participate in this project to test their machines in the Bitcoin Gold test blockchain.

The Bitcoin Gold testnet is proving the stability and security of the network, including the new difficulty adjustment algorithm and two-way replay protection, and is helping wallets, pools, and application developers to integrate BTG and fully prepare for the imminent mainnet launch.


What’s a testnet?

A testnet is a temporary blockchain used for testing the network. Testnet coins are useless and distinct from real Bitcoin or Bitcoin Gold (they are never supposed to have any real value). A testnet allows application developers and security researchers to perform experiments without having to risk losing real money or worry about breaking the main blockchain. https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Testnet

Who should use the testnet?

The Bitcoin Gold testnet can be useful for people who want to test the p2p network and consensus rules before the launch of the mainnet. Some of the more common uses of the testnet are for:

  • Pool operators: Test the setup and the integration of Bitcoin Gold into their mining pools and test end-to-end CPU/GPU mining.
  • Wallet developers: Test the integration of Bitcoin Gold into their software or hardware wallets.
  • Exchanges: Test on-chain transactions.
  • Pro users: Test security features like replay protection.

Track the process of testnet.

Click here for full technical info about testnet.

Bitcoin Gold team.