We’re happy to announce the release of the Bitcoin Gold Wallet version!

We’ve added direct support for several systems, like ARM server and MacOS… even Raspberry Pi! Serious corporate developers are more interested in the ARM support, but let’s face it, everyone loves Pi. We’ll keep working to ensure that the official wallet is full-featured and available on as many platforms as possible.

Builds of signed binaries are now being created via the Gitian deterministic build process for security. (Developers: see process signatures here.)

This version includes several UI improvements plus multiple changes to disambiguate and reduce confusion. Some are minor (such as icon updates), but this one bears calling out:

The current version uses bitcoingold.conf instead of bitcoin.conf for configuration info at startup. If there is no bitcoingold.conf at startup but there is a pre-existing bitcoin.conf in the Bitcoin Gold folder, it will be renamed bitcoingold.conf and used.

Most users upgrading from the previous version can simply shut down the old, install the new, and start it up.

Where to Get It

The open-source code and signed binaries for the latest version:
Bitcoin Gold Wallet Release v0.15.0.2

As always, the Download Page on the official Bitcoin Gold Website merely points to the GitHub page.

Please note that if you’re running a node, you’ll need to shut it down before installing the new version.

(Open-source code and the initial Nov 12th, 2018 release are still available here.)

Change Log

  • Built with Gitian deterministic build system for release security
  • Added support for ARM servers
  • Added support for macOS
  • Added support for Raspberry-Pi
  • Renamed config file from bitcoin.conf to bitcoingold.conf (if there is no bitcoingold.conf, legacy bitcoin.conf will be renamed to bitcoingold.conf)
  • UI improvements
  • Replaced Bitcoin icon on all platforms
  • Better build script & code cleanup
  • Removed harmful -bootstrap flag to improve the stability of p2p network (replaced with bootstrap.dat file)

Contacting Us

If you need support or have feedback, feel free to engage with us through our existing channels, or through our new Discord, which is in Early Access. [EDIT 2018-01-08: Discord rollout is going well, and we’ll be making it an official channel, as planned. Also, further information on verifying signatures and discussion on this post can be found in this Forum Topic.]

Continuously improving,
The Bitcoin Gold Organization