We’re happy to share that ShapeShift is providing instant exchange services into and out of Bitcoin Gold!

Full BTG functionality is live and available to anyone using ShapeShift, including merchants (like Overstock), business service providers (like BitGo), wallets (like Coinomi), and anyone else who uses the ShapeShift API. End users can use ShapeShift directly through their website.

With ShapeShift joining Changelly, both of the dominant “Instant Exchange” services are available to Bitcoin Gold users who don’t want to use a full-fledged exchange market or use a custodial wallet service.

Users who want a custodian for their holdings and who want to conveniently trade in or out of fiat can also use a service like Uphold, which has been supporting their users with Bitcoin Gold since last year.


Welcome to the party, ShapeShift!


We are, as always,
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