The Bitcoin Gold Organization is thrilled to announce the launch of BTGPay, an exciting new program which will accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin Gold (BTG) as a payment cryptocurrency and drive the growth of the payment ecosystem around BTG.

The BTGPay program will initially consist of two major initiatives.

First, the BTGPay Partner program will help merchants find payment service partners to easily and seamlessly integrate BTG and other crypto payment systems into their existing eCommerce or global payment solutions. The Partner program will also help solutions providers and integrators who want to add support for BTG to their existing services, including BTG debit card programs.

Second, the BTGPay logo and branding program will help merchants easily signal they accept BTG, and help consumers quickly spot those merchants. As part of the branding program, we will also launch a BTGPay market listing program where consumers can actively seek out vendors using BTG, and which merchants can use to promote their products and services to new global customers.

BTGPay: programs connecting merchants, services, and integrators to build solutions – and then helping consumers find them!

When the Bitcoin Gold network launched four months ago on November 12th, many were eager to work with BTG. They understood our coin’s missions: reduce the centralization of Bitcoin mining by returning mining power to individuals, and restore the network effects that follow when mining revenues are broadly distributed (just like the earlier years of Bitcoin.) And while the basic support infrastructure for Bitcoin Gold existed – blockchain, some wallets, a few exchanges – there were limitations.

Merchants and vendors needed integrations for their eCommerce and payment systems. Investors wanted secure holding and transfer systems. Consumers wanted easy ways to find where they could buy and spend their BTG. And everyone wanted Exchanges that transacted into their local fiat or native currencies. All were in short supply in November.

That’s no longer the case. We’re excited to find that when people ask us about a solution, we can usually point them to existing partners and solutions that are ready and working, right now! But people shouldn’t always have to come to us to find each other. We don’t want to be an information bottleneck. BTGPay is about formalizing and sharing this information to enable all our partners to find each other.

So our BTGPay Partner pages will help business find the services they need, and then they’ll be able to use our BTGPay branding and listing pages to help connect with a global consumer base. And we can get all of this information in front of a broad audience – our Social Following has grown well over 100K, increases daily, and our reach expands far beyond!

BTGPay: showing the ways to use BTG today!

We’ll be making more information available over the coming weeks; meanwhile, we invite service vendors and merchants to get in touch if they want to make sure they’re involved as the BTGPay program evolves.

Excited and optimistic,
The Bitcoin Gold Organization

BTGPay logo and art available here
General BTG logo and branding here

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