BTG Development Roadmap

At Bitcoin Gold, we are devoted to building an open and collaborative world. We believe a powerful cryptocurrency has to not only be fast and full-featured but also needs to be fundamentally secure and decentralized. These beliefs shape Bitcoin Gold’s unique roadmap.

This page shows development progress and future plans for the Bitcoin Gold project. Items will be updated regularly as we provide bi-weekly progress reports to the community.


Open Source
Library: bitcore

  • 100% 100%
Bitcore: infrastructure for building Bitcoin Gold and blockchain-based apps. BTG support added to bitcore-node, bitcore-lib, and bitcore-deb. A pre-requisite for Insight.


Open Source
Library: insight

  • 100% 100%

Blockchain explorer web service with the Insight API on a Bitcore Node. Our explorer provides a public API for interaction with the mainchain, free to individuals and pro services (like Exodus.)

Open Source Library: bitcoinjs-lib

  • 100% 100%
Bitcoin-related functions implemented in pure JavaScript – enables web and app developers of all kinds (including exchanges) to easily use BTG.

Open Source
Library: BitcoinJ

  • 100% 100%

Java implementation of the Bitcoin protocol from bitcoinj – crucial building block for developers of Java projects, like MyCelium wallet.

Electrum Wallet
& Bech32

  • 100% 100%

ElectrumG is our port of Electrum wallet, with extensive features, full Bech32 (SegWit) support, HW wallets, etc. This lightweight SPV wallet relies on our free ElectrumX servers.

Lightning Network Technical Preview

  • 100% 100%

Full LN tech preview on testnet includes port of lnd (LIghtning Network Daemon from Lightning Labs) for BTG, recksplorer (LN explorer ) and lseed (LN bootstrap DNS).

Smart Contract

  • 100% 100%

Research conclusion: best approach is to deploy a Turing-complete contract language on Plasma sidechains on top of the BTG mainchain. Plasma for BTG will become a 2019 top project.


LN: Mainnet

  • 0% 0%

Deploy a stable BTG version of lnd to mainnet. Other LN implementations may follow, including c-lightning (Blockstream) and eclair (ACINQ)

Port btcd/btcsuite

  • 80% 80%
btcd: an alternative Full Node built in Go, basis for the full btcsuite set of tools. Heavily used by lnd and Neutrino (from Lightning Labs), it’s a pre-requisite for mobile LN wallet development.

LN: Desktop Wallet

  • 0% 0%

BTG LN support for the excellent cross-platform Zap wallet, which provides a user-friendly desktop LN wallet interface. (LN support is also coming to Electrum.)

LN: Mobile Wallet

  • 0% 0%

Providing the LN experience on mobile will be key for wide adoption, so we’re integrating BTG into RawTX (which require Neutrino.)

BTCPay Integration of BTG Lightning Network

  • 30% 30%

BTCPay, the best decentralized payment gateway, already supports BTG, so extending BTCPay to support BTG LN is next.

Schnorr Signatures

  • 0% 0%
Many transactions involve sending multiple inputs to a single payment address, and each input requires a signature. Schorr Signatures allow multiple inputs to be signed with a single signature, saving substantial space in the blockchain.

BTG Plasma Specification

  • 0% 0%

This ambitious project will start with a protocol specification, based on or extending existing Plasma implementations.

Plasma: Mainchain Implementation

  • 0% 0%

Modifications to mainnet, including new opcodes, need to be tested and deployed to support Plasma.

Plasma: Sidechain implementation

  • 0% 0%

Actual deployment of sidechains, backed by the mainchain. This allows tremendous bandwidth and rapid code execution on the Plasma sidechain while enjoying funds security on the mainchain.

MyCelium Wallet

  • 0% 0%

The long-popular MyCelium wallet for Android and iOS adds a number of interesting features, including Local Trader for coin exchange. Adding BTG functionality will extend these features to the BTG community (and is based on the BitcoinJ library.)

CCBN – Cross Chain Block Notarization

  • 0% 0%

A decentralized approach to thwart secret mining attacks by notarizing blocks to independent blockchains, providing a timing reference used to resolve chain splits in favor of honest mining.


Research support for user-issued assets on mainchain

User-issued assets provide support for profitable business models for various types of services based on tokens.

Crosschain Atomic Swap support

Tech for swapping crypto coins between blockchains will be supported by BTG, but usage will depend on others providing bid/offer matching services.

Private Transactions

Private Transactions protect trade secrets for businesses as well as personal privacy for individuals. When and how to support a privacy option remains an open question.

Decentralized Mining Pools

Current mining pools are central authorities who require trust; decentralized pools offer a more open and decentralized alternative.

Blockchain Democracy

The long-term health of the BTG project will depend both on good governance and on the ability for the community to express intentions without contentious hardforks.