Accepting a BTG Payment

Did you know it’s possible to trade BTG in the local currency of more than 50 countries?!

BTGPay: a trans-national payment solution built using the Bitcoin Gold Blockchain; great for e-shops, local and online merchants, any any service or retailer.

The Bitcoin Gold Organization and Community work to provide the BTG Ecosystem with the best cryptocurrency payment experience.

Here’s how to accept Bitcoin Gold payments:

1. Create Your Wallet

Set up a BTG wallet or exchange account that supports Bitcoin Gold (see here for a list) where you can receive payments.

2. Ask For Payment

Present your customer with the payment amount and your BTG address.

Do you need an invoice to send to customers? We've created a template for that.

3. Receive Payment

Your customer sends Bitcoin Gold from their wallet to yours. Most wallets detect the payment within seconds, and it will be confirmed in minutes.

4. Ship the product

In about ten minutes the funds are confirmed and you’re ready to fulfill the order – the same day! (For large purchases, it’s advisable to require more than one confirmation.)

5. Hold or Deposit

If your goal is to earn and hold BTG, you’re all set! If you want to convert some or all of your receipts to local currency, you’ll use one of the many cryptocurrency exchanges and then withdraw to your bank.

In which countries is BTGpay possible?

People can use BTG to pay any place where you they reach the internet. Bitcoin Gold is a global cryptocurrency usable by anyone in the world regardless what country they live in or what their local fiat currency is.

You can receive coins in your wallet from any local or international customers – even unbanked country customers will be now up to buy your products and services!

Over 50 countries are already seeing Bitcoin Gold adoption with liquidity into local fiat currencies. This table shows some simple paths you can use to start saving on international fees based on your local currency

Starts saving lots of funds in fee

Your Country

Way to receive

See full list here

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